Click, learn and enjoy this video on simple machines.

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Use the following website to get acquainted with six simple machines.
On this website, you will see three interactive categories.
Click on each category and picture to access additional information and pictures

This website, can also be used to visit simple machines and other
interactive videos. Check out the Tool Shed in Simple Machines. Can you identify some of these simple machines
in each of the rooms in your own home?

Helpful suggestion:

Use the following website - to give you a visual and auditory connection for some review questions that you may have for your MCAS and Finals.
The log in is: Username - Ferryway, Password - Teacher

Some of the categories to check out: Social Studies, Science, Technology, History, English and Math.

Take either the Graded or Review Quiz. Enjoy learning!

Check out:

Rock and Mineral Section - Good site for learning about how rocks are formed.
ROCKMAP.GIF (8575 bytes)
ROCKMAP.GIF (8575 bytes)

ROCKMAP.GIF (8575 bytes)

Fifth grade at the Ferryway is an exciting place to learn about simple machines and rocks and minerals.

Try some of these websites. Enjoy!

Rocks and Minerals:
Rocks and The Wonderful World of Minerals
Igneous/Sedimentary and Metamorphic really rock!
Identify five minerals

Simple Machines:

Six Simple Machines

Using Inspiratin 8 software

In fifth grade you will be learning how to brainstorm and show some of your lessons using the software program, Inspiration 8.

Lessons during the school year will include: Rocks and Minerals, Simple Machines, Electricity, Magnetism, Culture, and many more.

To get started, you will go to Start, Programs, Educational Software Programs, Inspiration 8 software.
  • Click to open Inspiration 8 software
  • Click on the word Diagram
  • You will see a greenish oval in the middle of the program labeled "Main Idea"
  • Your "Main Idea" will include: Your First and Last Name, The Day-Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4