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Save the Rainforest posted by Robin DeSantis

Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest posted by Robin DeSantis

Description: This movie touches upon the causes and effects of deforestation. It also offers a few solutions to help minimize the effect of this global problem. While 100 percent of the information contained within it is not accurate, it does accurately reflect the perceptions of fourth graders from the Moravian Academy who have done some research on the subject. The purpose of showing this video to the 6th grade students of the Ferryway was to increase awareness of deforestation and to promote ideas for a project focusing ways in which to preserve the rainforest and reduce conflict over land use.

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Rhetorical Analysis of Advertising posted by Christina Terranova

Description: Students need to understand how to use rhetorical analysis which is, according to Aristotle, "the faculty of finding the available means of persuasion in a given case". What better means is there to study the art of persuasion than advertising? This video demonstrates how advertisers get their point across and it is useful for students to view it in order to understand how they are being persuaded.

Mrs. Terranova - Grade 6, Student Podcast

Legend of the Lost Legend - Author: R.L. Stine (recorded: 10/17/2008)
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American Born Chinese - Author: Gene Luen Yang (recorded: 10/17/2008)
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Mrs. DeSantis - Grade 6, Five Themes Picture Podcasts

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Petra, Egypt - Caitlin (recorded: 10/23/2008)
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_, Yugoslavia - Alan (recorded: 10/23/2008)
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Maine - Casey (recorded: 10/24/08)
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Disney World, Orlando, Florida - Michelle (recorded: 10/24/08)
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Duxbury Beach, Massachusetts - Nico (recorded: 10/24/08)
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