Workshop 1

Ferryway teachers meet Web 2.0 – Expanding your classroom online.


  • Learn to use blogs, wikis, and podcasts in your instructional practice.
  • Develop Ferryway 2.0 shared vision.
  • Collaborate with colleagues on lesson ideas that effectively utilize Web 2.0 tools for student to create digital media products.

NETS•T Alignment
1.d, 2.a, 3.b, 5.d
Participants should use National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers, Second Edition booklet. Each member of the Ferryway Technology Leadership team was provided five copies to distribute to their grade level teachers.

Starter Activity - 10m

Transforming Learning Environments
Teacher teams will be given a packet of student learning cards.
As a group, determine what the cards mean and where they belong by posting them on the classroom white board.

Teachers organize cards, first attempt

HP Tablets & the Wi-Fi Internet - 10m

What's the difference between a laptop and tablet computer?

Blogs - 25m

What is a blog? When should I use it in my classroom?

Ferryway 2.0 blog
Ferryway 2.0
NeoTech Learning blog
The NeoTech Learning blog
Register for a Edublogs account.
Post a comment to a post on either the Ferryway 2.0 OR NeoTech Learning blogs.

Wikis - 40 min

What is a wiki? When should I use a wiki for instruction?

The Way of the Wiki: Building Online Creativity and Cooperation [ Edutopia article, August/September 2008 ]
Visit the Edutopia site. Read user comments on Turning on Technology video.
How is this an example of web 2.0? Why is this significant with regard to the NETS•T?
What does a flat classroom mean?

Visit Malden could be flat [ streaming Flash presentation, runs from Ferryway 2.0 Adobe Presenter server ]

Register for a account. You don't need to create a wikispace today, just a user account.
Write your username on the classroom white board.

Podcasting - 20 min

What is Podcasting? When should I use podcasting?

Audio introduction to podcasting using wikispaces.

Is this really podcasting? If not, why not?

RSS - 10 min

What is RSS? What are two benefits to using RSS on a regular basis?

Workshop Evaluation - 5m