Workshop 6

Digital video is easier than you think, making the audio visual connection.

Video Introduction from Robert Simpson on Vimeo.

Streaming Video Sites

Teacher Tube

Benefits: free, easy to grab embed code for blogs and wikis

Example: Adobe Premiere Elements - Part 1
Palm Breeze Cafe, Palm Beach School District, Florida

  1. Search and find one teacher tube video to use in your classroom.
  2. Copy the embed code [Windows CTRL + C | MAC Command + C]
    Teacher Tube embed panel
  3. Open your team page on the Ferryway wiki. Hint: You need to log in and choose Edit This Page
  4. Choose the embed widget from the Editor toolbar
  5. Select Video
  6. Select TeacherTube
  7. Paste embed code into text box and Save. [Windows CTRL + V | MAC Command + V]
  8. Write a descriptive header above media placeholder.
  9. Save wiki page to view result.

School Tube

Benefits: free, plenty of social bookmarking, download lesson plans on all aspects of video production
Example: America the Beautiful
Student created video on Yellowstone National Park.

  1. Repeat the process for a school tube video.
  2. Can you find the embed code?
  3. On the wikispaces embed widget choose Other to insert code.


Benefits: free, supports high definition video, high-end special effects and animation techniques
Example: Snow

Snow - 5DMkII Test from Eric A Anderson on Vimeo

Example: Obama takes the oath of office as seen from the National Mall.

Obama Inauguration Oath from National Mall from Robert Simpson on Vimeo

Adobe Visual Communicator

Used for making newscast video. Student scripts are recorded using a laptop as a teleprompter. Green screen (keying) removes background just like a weather forecaster.

WKBW-TV in Buffalo, NY shows how Amherst Middle Tech TV Students are reaching out to the next President with their messages for Inauguration Day.

Ask Mr. Z blog

Ferryway ELL 8th Graders create profile on candidate Barack Obama
Teachers: Paul Teixeira and Robert Simpson
Video stream from the Ferryway Adobe Presenter site.
Barack Obama Newscast (4:32)